Over 1,280 Owner Move In Evictions in San Francisco, 2011-2015

Recently, a graduate student at Stanford University, Saurabh Datar, released data that he compiled ranking the neighborhoods in San Francisco by the numbers of eviction notices issued in the four years between 2011 and 2015. Not surprisingly, the Mission was at the top of the list. Other neighborhoods placing high in the rankings were Castro, SoMa, Nob Hill, Tenderloin, Outer Richmond, and the Sunset.

The data also showed the top reasons for eviction within each neighborhood. This provides some very interesting information for anyone following San Francisco’s housing crisis. One of the causes for eviction that came up again and again was owner move in. It was one of the top two most common reasons for eviction in 8 of the top 20 neighborhoods on the list. Those neighborhoods are generally the most residential in the city: the Sunset, Outer Richmond, Castro, Bernal Heights, Haight Ashbury, Noe Valley, Inner Sunset, and Inner Richmond.

All told, eviction notices citing owner move in as their basis were issued 1,283 times within the past four years. That’s more than 320 owner move in eviction notices issued per year citywide. 

The Top 20 Neighborhoods for Eviction Notices in San Francisco from 2011-2015 (the numbers of owner move in notices issued are in parentheses):

20. Inner Richmond (72)

19. Inner Sunset (40)

18. Noe Valley (53)

17. Haight Ashbury (47)

16. North Beach (22)

15. Pacific Heights (30)

14. Bernal Heights (59)

13. Hayes Valley (28)

12. Russian Hill (25)

11. Bayview / Hunters Point (22)

10. Marina (46)

9. Excelsior (66)

8. Castro (55)

7. Nob Hill (26)

6. Outer Richmond (88)

5. Lakeshore

4. Tenderloin

3. SoMa

2. Sunset (157)

1. Mission (129)

You can go to the data yourself and take a look at the numbers of eviction notices in San Francisco by neighborhood from 2011 through 2015.